Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Heading out on our annual trip to Vegas~
A pit stop in Scipio at the gas station with a petting zoo~

She was in love...until it burped, farted and tried to spit on her~

Shenanigans in gas stations help stretch legs~
Lunch stop in St George~

Yeah most of the time they were like this~

We made it!
Our roon was awesome~

The tv could be projected on the shade~


oh the was such a wonderful gift after hours of walking around~

And for swimming too.  I don't think I will ever stay in a room without a tub again~

Off to explore~
We were having a dinner show at Excaliber tonight.  Tournament of Kings~

We all loved it~

And dinner was yum!  Willow ate two of those chickens~ 
Rowan adored the show~ 
Then we played some on the way back to the room.  First stop was Hershey's World~
Willow in her giant Reeses cup~
A licorice Statue of Liberty~
Happy with some chocolates~

Ice crème of course~

Rowan went right to sleep in the Kinderpack~
Day 2 took us to a breakfast buffet.  It was my birthday!

So much food~ 
Hanging by the pool~

It was hot, but there was a strong breeze that would come through every once in a while~
It didn't stop him~

Then we were off for the day~
Had to visit Stupidiotic~
And some walking around~

M & M store fun~

And trying the international soda trays at the coke store~
Thinking about some of those awful tastes~

Even Rowan sampled some~


Then these two took the little back to the room to "relax"  I guess us old people were wearing them out~

And we went to Cabo Wabo for lunch.  Of course not only was it my birthday but it was national margarita day so we had to have one~

We came back to relaxed kids~

And then we headed out for our evening show. Rowan went right to sleep.  Magical babywearing~

Waiting for the fountain show~

Inside was Year of the Monkey for Chinese New Year~

He is a good friend to her~
Volcano at the Mirage~
Rowan woke up and wanted Mom~


Then we walked to Treasure Island to see Cirque Du Soleil Mystere~

It was an incredible show! Such a great way to spend turning 44~

We all slept till noon~
So we had brunch at The Rainforest Café~

Complete with icees~

They got monkeys~
He got a penguin.  This kid loves birds so much~

Tram to the Shark Reef~



Trying so hard to reach them~

His favorite, the lionfish~

Anemone! he screamed~

Attached at the fin~

This girl has animal magnetism.  They always come to her~
Double Monkey~


Goofing off in the store~
And more ice crème~
Game and roller coaster time~

He won 250 tickets!

This one will always be his favorite.  My little pirate~


Sillies in the photobooth~

Then we headed to get the kids dinner, and get them settled in the room while David and I went downstairs to play~

He won $50~ I just watched...

Such a fun, fun trip for all!

Full moon~

Breakfast buffet one more time and then we headed back home. 

It's a great life~

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