Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Animal Love

 Ozzy is the sweetest little Chinchilla ever~
 He gets and gives a lot of love~

 And the fun of caring for our friends rats keeps growing~
 19 babies on a rat chewed basket~

 They change so much every day!  They are starting to get their color patterns~
 Oh and Asha... We love you so.  I have so many pictures of Willow through the years wearing Asha in various carriers.  She just hangs out purring~
 Then it was Ozzy's turn~

 Being down for 2 weeks with my eye issues really sucked.  I don't "sit" well!  But these two kept me entertained!  And Ozzy is always fun to watch jump around~
 Chinchillas like to perch up high~

 Pile o rats~
She is such an animal lover  You would never find me hugging on those~

 Ozzy gets to run free in the hall several times a day.  He launches himself off the walls.  He is insane, but oh so fun to watch~

 Cooling off on his chinchiller~ Chinchillas cant sweat or pant to cool down so we have to provide cold marble or frozen bottles for him to lay against~
 The rats have really grown~
 Unfortunately we are down to 10 babies...the mothers are cannibals and its pretty awful.  It's been a lesson for Willow that's for sure. The babies are now eating food and drinking water so Willow separated them into their own pen.  They are ready for new homes~

 Willow is also caring for a friends guinea pigs.  They are adorable~
 This one is seriously the biggest guinea pig I have ever seen~

 She is so long and super fast~

 Adele is just happy as long as there is food~
 And then there is Panda.  Oh how we love him so~
 He is the funniest little hamster.  Rowan loves to hold him~
He was chewing on the dog bones~
The last of Willow's rats, Clark. He looks enormous compared to the babies~

 And of course Juniper.  She frees caged animals.  Its a problem  She has released the rats and Ozzy! Border Collies and their intelligence.  She has learned how to open enclosures~ Willow and I were chatting on my bed one night and we heard scratching underneath.  I though it was Asha so I called for her and she started scratching at the door wanting in! So we freaked out and when Willow hot the flashlight she found Ozzy! Juniper is such a sneak~

 Old sweet Maggie.  We love you old lady~
 Big furry loves~
So yeah, we have a ton of animals here right now!
Willow's passion is animals and she says its like living in a dream caring for them all~

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