Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Catching Up~

 Soaking at Crystal Hot Springs with our unschooling friends in the cold winter air.  I love our monthly trips  David took the day off and had a Daddy Rowan date so Willow and I could enjoy ourselves~
 Diner food, cause soaking makes you hungry~

Pet sitting pregnant rats for our friends while they are in Hawaii for 2 months~

 One baby born, unfortunately it didn't make it and rats are cannibals so yeah...So many lessons learned here.  Two more about to give birth any day~
 New sleeping possibilities.  He is still my sweet "nurse to sleep" babe but on occasion he just crashes like this.  He is getting so big, but yet he is still so little~

 Planning trips and renewing passports.  I'm so excited I can hardly breath~
 Dinner out as an entire family.  That doesn't happen often and it's so wonderful when it does~

And eye surgery.  At least now I can be done with the million useless eye drops.  I'm on day 4 of recovery, still dilated, still dizzy, still feels dry and scratchy, still have blurry vision but its getting better.  For those wondering what happened here is the saga~ 

Back in May I was sewing a gazillion spider man capes and eye masks for Rowan's 3rd Bday and I kept noticing I could not see to thread my machine.  It was really bugging me! In all honesty, my eye had been bothering me for quite a while.  I finally went in to the optometrist thinking old age had finally gotten me and it was time for glasses.  He found something much worse. My macula was inflamed.  So he sent me to see a retina specialist at The Moran Eye Center.

 I was diagnosed in July with Intermediate Idiopathic Uveitis.  Which basically means I have inflammation in the middle of my Uvea for no known reason. I was given options to treat the symptoms, some I refused and I went with what was supposed to be the least invasive: A steroid shot directly into my eye ball.  Yes, its as horrific as it sounds.  Anyway, the shot places a pellet on the top of your eyeball that is supposed to dissolve over 6 weeks and be gone.  But, because this is me we are talking about and I am VERY sensitive to steroids it did not work that way.  All the medicine dissolved and did its job beautifully (thankfully) but parts of the pellet remained.  I was then diagnosed as a steroid responder.   My eye pressure in that eye was through the roof.  Over time that can damage your optic nerve, luckily I have no damage at all.  I was sent to a glaucoma specialist and he tried for months to get the pressure down with drops and poking needles in to drain the eye, yes horrific again! But it wouldn't stay down.  So, I had to have a drain put in my eye so it can function normally. 

The good news is that surgery went well and everything looks great and my pressure is now beautiful and if the uveitis flares again I can get another shot in my eye instead of taking oral steroids and immunosuppressant's which are the only treatment options for it.  You might think that sounds insane that I would choose to get a shot again that caused all this havoc over the last 6 months and go through the pain of yet another needle in my eye but how my eye reacted to steroids, is how my entire body reacts to them. Taking them orally would be a nightmare.  I had to have them in my IV during surgery because the surgery itself can cause the uveitis to flare due to inflammation and just that one dose messed me up so much.  They said I would be down for a day...its been 4 and I am still not ok. It can take a week for that stuff to process through your body.  I hate that it was a necessary evil.  I am happy to be on the healing side and getting better everyday.  Hopefully I never see uveitis again.  It can be a one time fluke, it can come back over and over.  I am betting on the one time thing.

Exciting things to come~

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