Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, January 29, 2016

BAM Legos

 Today we took a trip to Harrisville, Utah to get free Legos~
 Creating a mini figure...or 4 or 5~

 Free Light sabers for the win~

They had fun~
 Life is good~

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Swimming at Holladay Lions

 Off to the pool for an afternoon swim~
 We were supposed to go tomorrow with our Unschooling friends but we made different plans and the kids still wanted to swim so we went~
 So glad we did~


Rowan was being so brave, sliding and jumping.  I cant wait till this summer at Seven Peaks~

And then pizza afterwards~
Life is good~

Winter Park

 Every day Rowan and I walk the dogs and we always take Juniper to the park~

 It is bitter cold but the dogs need the exercise and well, so do we~

 Rowan was swinging so high! Every time I tried to swing Juniper would go insane barking and trying to bite me? She is a crazy dog~

He is such a great little walking companion...oh the stories~

Life is good~

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 Rowan and his buddy Dezi had a playdate today~
Legos, blocks, bricks, balls, trains and zoobs were the theme of the day~

We missed Dezi's bday party so we were finally able to give him his present~

 I like how they have the same look on their faces...concentration~
Life is good~

Two Days of Fun

 A trip to the Museum of Ancient Life today with our Littles Coop!  Willow came a long for the fun too~
 They have this tree every year where you write things you love on little hearts and hang them on the tree~

Checking out the latest digs~

 Cave hideouts~

 Breaking the rules~
 Running, lots of running with friends~

Building rivers for their dinos~



 Playing "Jurrasic Park"~

 Cute gang of buddies~
 Conversations under giants~
 Ring Around the Great White~


 Lunch with friends after.  Rowan made his own creation to drink~
 A couple of our friends ended up at different museums.  We have so many awesome ones to choose from!  So the next day we had a super fun playdate all together.  Rowan really loved their adorable cat~

 And their super cool treehouse~
 Sledding fun~
We sure love our littles group~
 Rowan and I have been walking the doggies every day when we get home from activities.  He rides his bike and we take Maggie around the block twice (she cant do much more, poor puppy.  Getting old sucks) and then we take Juniper on a super long walk.  He has been loving riding in the snow and plowing through it.  Our friends have skis that attach to their bike...we may have to invest in some~

Then it was Tapas Tuesday at Meditrina with my Unschooling Mamas group!  Oh so so good! I am so lucky to have such a great group of Mom friends~
 Life is good~

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