Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9th: Sub for Santa & The Grinch (and a little bit more)

 We started the day off with a great morning at the park with friends~

 Rowan and his buddy Sage had a great time playing together.  So much sand~

 Then, Rowan and I ran some errands and finished up our "far away family and friends" gift buying.  Then headed to the post office to mail all the packages and this years Holiday cards~
(The back)

Then it was home to rest/play for a few hours where I was able to accomplish the task of picking pictures for Grandma's calendar and getting them to David's Sister for the construction part.  I try to keep a folder on my desktop starting on Jan 1 and add as the year goes but it always ends up with almost 2000 photos in it.  I need to start narrowing them down more~

 Then it was time for Sub for Santa.  Every year we help out the National Guard (and this year the Marines too) by shopping for kids whose families are in service.  They provide us with wish/need lists and we try our hardest to meet them all.  My kids love doing this!
 This year we had 5 and 7 year old girls~ Willow and Mara took the 7 year old and David, Rowan and I took the 5 year old. The 5 year old sounds like an awesome kid.  She is into My Little Pony, anything pink and football~
I think we did well~

 After shopping we headed to the Natural History Museum of Utah for a showing of  The Grinch, performed by The Players.  We saw old friends and they shared cookies with us! Rowan loved his Gingerbread Dinosaur~
 It was a packed house~
 Applause all around~
 The Players~

 They had ornament making, hot chocolate and cookies to be had, and their resident meteorologist on hand showing everyone microscopic snowflakes.  It was pretty cool.  Rowan made a nature ornament~

It was quite a busy but very productive day for sure~
Loving the Holiday Magic~

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