Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December 1st: Gingerbread House

 Activity for Day One of our Advent we are a day late but you can read my previous post and see what all we did on Tuesday and see why! Willow was tired from her trip home and Rowan decided to fall asleep at 8 pm which is so unlike him! So we did it today after Willow's piano lesson and it turned out great~
 All I can say is thank you Costco for selling a house already put together! No glue gun was used in the making of this house~
 Cute Gingerbread people~

 I love their reasoning of why they put things where they put them~

 There has been some talk lately in a couple of my groups about this whole Radical Unschooling way of life we live and how if we have no food restrictions wont they just eat candy all day long?
 I think you can tell by the look on his face that the answer is no.  He spit it out right after this picture. Does he eat candy, yes totally, does it consume his days, absolutely not.  Does he have days where he wants 25 packages of fruit snacks..yes, but more often than not Rowan, and all of us, eat really healthy whole food meals.

Asha wanted to help but there is the fur...and the icing...and they don't mix well~

 He wanted a circle of icing just like on the box.  I tried to oblige~

 The finished creation~
 And in Unschooling fashion... Rowan said this is the perfect house for a wicked witch! And I said "oh like Hansel and Gretel?" and then Willow asked "who is that?" So I told her a brief synopsis and she said "oh like_____" (some horror movie that recently came out) and I said "the movie was probably based somewhat on the story"  So we read the story from my childhood Fairy Tales book~
Another awesome day being an Unschooler~

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