Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 18th: Art Dog and So Much More

 David stayed up late working on his "ugly Christmas sweater" for a contest at work...he came in second.  He lost to a guy wearing not only an ugly sweater but red crushed velvet pants.  Everyone loved his sweater though~
 I think he is pretty clever~
 Rowan and I got up bright and early for us and went to see Art Dog put on by the Salt Lake Acting Company.  He absolutely loved it! It was his first official play (other than seeing Willow's, but he was so small then) and he was on the edge of his seat and full of enthusiasm throughout.  As we were leaving he said "we can come back and see that again later, right?" ~

 Then since Rowan and I were up and about so early we headed to breakfast after the play.  He requested pancakes~
 And hot cocoa~

Then home again where Willow and I enjoyed this 1980's flick while lounging around. Then off to the Moran eye center for me where I had another good checkup with my eye and I am starting the process of coming off the myriad of drops that I have to use.  Then David whisked the kids away to Grandma and Grandpas for the evening while my unschooling mama friends came over for an evening full of laughter playing Cards Against Humanity.  What an awesome day~
 Thank you Jen for the gifts!
 They were quite happy to receive them~
 Another day full of so much goodness~

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