Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16th: The North Pole at Seven Peaks

 What a day! We started in the morning with Willow's piano lesson in Draper, then off to get snow boots for Willow, then to pick up our friends and head downtown to the Main Library where Willow participated in a Utah Film Center Presentation of "Behind the Animation" set up by one of our unschooling friends, a late lunch and then we drove to Seven Peaks Provo to play at their new North Pole event!  A great day was had by all~

 The lazy river had transformed into a winter wonderland with boats~

 So much fun~
 Rowan loves Rudolph~


Sweet little man~

 There were characters, but he was not at all interested in saying hello~


 Rowan LOVED it~
 He went 3 times and wanted to keep going~
 Jen and Vincent~

 Lyndsy and River~

 I went once with Rowan.  He was squealing with joy~
 Keeping warm.  So great to hang out with all of our Utah County Unschooling friends that we don't get to see much.  I see some summer events at their water park in our future~
 Santa was all alone so I made her go take a photo with him.  Rowan would not go near him~
 Catching Snowflakes~
 So much laughter~


 Getting some hot cocoa and cookies to warm up~
 There is the leg~
 Such a great day to be an Unschooler~

We are having so much fun celebrating the season~

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