Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 12th: Holiday Parties and Downtown Lights

 Saturday night found us celebrating the Holidays with our toddler friends in the early evening.  What a fun time had by all~
 Then home to pick up Willow to head downtown to see the sights. Little did we know that most of Salt Lake also thought it would be a great night to go downtown!
 It was a lovely night, walking through City Creek to see the story displays, Nordstrom's for the Candy Windows and then to Temple Square to see the beautiful lights~
 I had just read this book to Rowan so he was particularly thrilled with recognizing it.  And they are both excited to see The Nutcracker on Monday (picture above)~

Then it was outside to see the Candy Windows~

 Charlie Brown was the theme~
 It was insanely crowded but incredibly cool~

 So much candy~
 Rowan's favorite~
 Then to Temple Square where things got crazy~
 Yep, she is at it again with her photo bombing~
 And David too~
 ok guys, I give up~

 Always over Rowans face it seems?
 Someone is staying warm~
 Checking out the sights~

 I love all the twinkling lights~
 She's got that high kick down~
 Then back in the Mall to finish the stories.  Rudolph is always a favorite~
A Christmas Carol~

Loving the Holiday Magic~

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