Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Going Ons

 Being stuck in bed is so boring but things never stop around here.  Mara has been knitting like crazy and helping me so much.  She is a cleaning pro and expert Rowan entertainer~
My eye condition is quiet but the pressure is still high in the right eye from the steroid response so I am still using eye drops to lower it.  Rowan liked getting "black glasses" with me~
 We got a letter from the water company that we were using  a lot more water than usual...30 gallons an hour more to be exact! Got someone out to fix the pin hole leak and we got this nice big hole...They are coming back on Monday to repair the sprinkler system they broke in the process~
 Mara groomed the dogs and in the process removed a small dog from them.  The Furminator is awesome~
 I have been thoroughly entertained by this little monkey while recovering from hernia repair part deux~

And Willow has been busy with her best friend from San Francisco.  Air Soft with The Gang! David got to join in on the fun this time~

I'm slowly getting back to myself and I cannot wait for life to resume to normal.  I am not good at laying around!

Loving life~

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