Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, October 16, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Spooky Science

 Off to the park for Spooky Science with our Unschooling Group of friends~
 The melting ghoul hands were a hit~
 Salt and water for melting and discovering what is inside~

 There was a slight breeze but Willow got her flying teabag ghosts to work~
 I never captured lift off~

The gang on the swings~

 Magic Frankinworms~
 Creepy crawling gummi worms that come "alive"~

 Slime, need I say more~
 Mad Scientists~

 Dry ice bubbles~

 So cool~
 Diet coke and mentos rockets~

 Such cute kids~

 Lift off~

 Willow and Dot~
 Rocket launching~
 All three at once~

 The littles gang (almost all of them)
 Park fun~
 Best buds in the slime~
 Fall leaves~
 "I'm cooking" he says~
 The Badass Crew~
 Running and leaping with joy~

The slime was such a hit~
 Rowan was covered~

 Mixing potions~

 So many cool experiments going on~

 Fence play~

 "I'm on the roof!" he yells~
 Teeter-tottering teens~
It's such a great life being an unschooler~

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