Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Hee Haw Farms

 We love Hee Haw Farms~
 Tractor driving~

 The big slide~

 Peek a boo~
 That's the "oh mommy please can I have one?" face~
 His love~
 She was hiding out in one of the building holding them all hoping none of the workers would tell her to put them down~

 Something hilarious in the hen house~


 Following the hen~

 Eye contact~
 Silly man~
 My little love~
 Duck waddles~

 More peeking~
 He is growing fast~
 She is in love~
 And Alex wants one too~

 Bunny loving~

 Corn maze time~

 Happy Family~
 Getting lost~


 Pumpkin/sunflower patch~
 Picking "seeds" as he called it~
 Or gourds~

 Giant, droopy sunflowers~

 Hunting pumpkins~
 Planting the seeds~
 Babies and pumpkins are so adorable~
 Happy friends~
 Hay ride~

 Little hay covered adorableness~
Wild and free bunnies~
 Lots of sliding~
 So much fun~

 Oh how I love these two~

 Tether ball~

 Thank you Stephanie for being the amazing lifter of little ones~

 Seriously, its such an awesome life~
Little tether ball players~
 Rowan and Emie were laughing so hard~

 Their joy is contagious~
 It's an awesome Unschooled life~

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