Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Gardner Village Witchfest

 Today we went to Gardner Village with our unschooled friends. We were excited to have Mara come along too!

Lot's of Witches everywhere~
 And Pirates~

 It was time for their Annual Witchfest~
 It was hard to stay in a group but we did see lots of our friends in passing~

 He's got some serious moves when Halloween music is playing~
 They have a Witch Scavenger hunt and the kids find them all and then turn it in for a cookie at the bakery~

 Little buddies~

 He loves his Mara~

 Big and Little~
 Cutesy shops to explore~

 Sailing Witches~

 And then oh the petting farm~

 Adorable loves everywhere~
 Our friend Linda volunteers there and told Willow all about it and Willow is starting next week! She is so excited~
 Gary~ He goes to hospitals and does therapy work.  Those eyes will get you~
 They were so incredibly adorable~
 Willow was overcome with emotion, like tears were a flowing over how adorable they were~
 She is a little empath with animals~
 This sheep really wanted some loving~
 Linda let her climb in to love on the Alpacas~

 She was in there for quite a while and she was oh so happy~

 So much love~

 Rowan on the other hand would not go near them and got quite upset that Willow was in the pen.  He is just unsure of their motives~

 His buddy Emie was showing him that it was ok and that they were nice~
 One happy girl~
 "Stinky poopy pigs" he says as they laugh~

 Wandering the shops~
 Pumpkin smiles~
Photos Ops~

Another great day to be an Unschooler~

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