Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Crystal Hot Springs


Soaking in the Hot Springs for 5 1/2 hours makes for an awesome way to spend a Friday~
 We were pruned wrinkled ladies by the end~

 Baby kitten adventures~
 Willow really wanted to bring him home~
 Such a great turn out on such a beautiful day for soaking~

 Sliding fun~



 Loving on the kitten pretty much happened all day~

Nursing while soaking is the best~
 Not many photos at the springs since I was soaking and relaxing but a great day was had by all! We were even celebrating 2 birthdays while there. I also don't want to forget the hilarious ride up with the kids prank calling their friends and so much laughter and then the silent food coma ride home.  Teenagers are so awesome~

 After the hot springs, Jen and I took these 3 to dinner in Brigham City~

We thought we would check out this place that is supposedly famous for their rolls.  Lets just say we are all gluttonous pigs and we ate a years worth of carbohydrates in one hour~

 Things got weird, as usual~
 Making Hungry faces~

 Or "I don't eat beef so why are you making me do this" faces~

 Bro hugs~

Another awesome, fantastic, amazing, joyful day to be an Unschooler~

***oh and Rowan stayed home with Dad. They had a great day hanging out, going to Rowan's favorite dinner spot and watching Nightmare Before Christmas (he LOVED it)~

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