Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Goblin Valley

 What better was to bring in October than with a trip to Goblin Valley.  Days 2,3 and 4 of our 31 Days of Halloween were full of so much fun~
 Our favorite spot on the BLM land just outside the park was empty and we were so happy about that~
 Immediately to the top~

 Once we made camp then it was into Goblin Valley to fill the tanks with water and play on the Goblins~
 Yum popsicles in the desert~
 Our traditional sign photo ops~

 Playing on campground goblins while Dad filled the tanks with water~

 Fan fiction~
 His first sighting of the valley and he was off.  We could barely get ourselves together to catch up~

 This is every nature loving, rock climbing kids dream place~

 And zen girls too.  She found herself the perfect meditation spot~

 Jumping, oh there was so much jumping~

 Hiding out~
 And dancing.  He has some moves~


 Juniper was oh so happy to be back~
 Willow found herself a nest~
 And there were dinosaurs too~
 Perfect for flying off of~

 Trusty old Maude~
 The Goblins are just so cool~

 Swinging out~

I think he loved it so much~
 Back at camp to play ~
 Can you spot Willow?
 Day 2~
 Rowan working on his Junior Ranger Badge~
 Willow in her happy place~

 We love the desert~

 Can you spot the bird?

 Today's adventure took us to The Goblin's Lair~

 So beautiful~

 Lizards everywhere~
 And oh so many beetles~
 Desert flowers~
 Pronghorn Antelope foot prints~
 River bed jumping~
 Catching beetles~

 Footprints in the sand~

 And then we made it~
 Down and then up, up , up~

Very cool~

 Willow was the first to go in~

 Rowan and David were next~

 Juniper really wanted to follow but she just couldn't make it in without serious help and well, getting her out would have been near impossible without gear, so I hung out with her at the entrance~

 There were a couple of rock climbers coming in from the top~

 Looks like fun~

 Then we headed out~
 So much beauty in the desert~

 Checking out the ravens~

We headed back to the RV for lunch and then Willow and I took a nap...we did not sleep well the night before~
 David and Rowan headed back out to the Goblins to play~

 Silly one~

 Where's Rowan?

 Then we headed back to camp to play and have a fire.  Rowan ended up with a busted lip.  Nothing that a little Lego Movie distraction couldn't help.  I thought he was going to need was pretty bad~

 One tired puppy~
 But after a while he was as good as new and ready for the next adventure~
 Starting the fire~
 So tolerant~

 Willow and I headed up to her happy place way above the camp~
 It really is the best spot ever.  So many great memories.  I could almost heat the older kids laughter in the wind.  Poor Maggie wanted to come with us but she just can't do the hikes anymore.  She used to climb to the top of the cliffs right next to the kids.  Juniper was having some hard moments too.  It is not fair that they have to get old~

 Big fire night~
 Peekaboo in our own personal arch~

 Corn in the fire~
 And apple chicken sausage on a stick.  Perfect camping food~
 Time to watch the stars come out.  Laying on the roof is the best view~
 "Mom, it looks like Star Wars!" Yes, Rowan, it does~
 So lucky to be in one of the best star viewing places in North America~
 Day 3...Hike up Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon~
 Hiking the river bed~

 So beautiful~

 It is a big loop through both canyons but we only played in Little Wild Horse this time~

 Squeezing through~

 So much beauty in the rocks~
 Almost like a painting~

 Rowan loved it~


 Water is a powerful thing~


 Daddy bridge~
On our way out, just one last stop to pick up Rowan's Junior Ranger Badge.  What an amazing trip we had.  We so love Goblin Valley~

Until next time~

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