Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

 Happy Halloween 2015~
 Getting ready for the party~
 Ghostly hands in the witches brew~
 Rowan thought it was so cool~
 The gang started to arrive~

 Mara and Alex~

 Wild rumpus~

 Back bean and pumpkin soup with a sour crème spider yummy~
 Lots of food to be had~

 Jaeger and David being Mad Scientists~

 Snacking and chatting~
 Best friends for 12 is that possible?


 Of course Willow found little Dezi~



 The Steph brought the good stuff from Red Rock~
 Oh so good~


 The Brain~

 It got devoured~

 Off to Trick or Treat~
 This was Willow's first year without us~
 Crazy Cat Lady~

 I caught a few glimpses of them~

 Rowan had so much fun~
 The rest of the gang heading out~
 Our cute front yard...we only had about 15 trick or treaters this year~

 Such a great night, great friends, great food and great weather~
They have enough candy to last a year or more~

Happy Halloween!! What a fabulous 31 days of celebrating it has been.  Until Next year~

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