Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trees and Leaves and So Much More~

We are going to go apple picking soon so why not make some apple trees I thought~
 The painted trunks and apples needed to dry but he wanted more crafting~
 So how about some torn paper mosaics~
 Mama helped with the tree trunk~
 And then he made his leaves "fall" ... All the while singing "Leaves are falling softly falling floating to the ground, orange red brown yellow orange floating to the ground" He loves his old music songs from Music Together~
 And oh how he loves to craft and create~

 He was quite proud~
 Time to make the apple trees~
 Such a simple craft but oh so cute~

 There was a toilet paper roll that had a hole in it and I said "oh this one has a hole, let me get a different one" and Rowan said "no, that is where the squirrel lives"~
 He called it his "Apple Forest"~
 And he played for hours building a forest for all of his forest animals.  He went through the giant bin of animals and found all the ones that he thought lived in the forest.

We have been reading the Thomas Burgess Old Mother West Wind stories and he adores them.  All of my kids loved these stories.  Right now it is all about Blacky the Crow. I love escaping with him to the green meadow and the smiling pool.  Oh how lucky I am to be able to read these again!

 He built a really big forest~
 And then started telling me about how the weasel was going to eat the hedgehog sort of like in the story of A Pika's Tail.  This is another great story we have been reading.  We heard a Pika doing its "scream" when we were hiking in the Uinta's a couple of weeks ago and when we got home we read about them.

 So much in love with our unschooling life~

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