Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, September 14, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Utah State Fair

 Off to the fair with friends today~ Here are many pictures of our fun filled day~

 He so loves the birds~

 This one is only a week old~
 Babies...we love the babies~

 They took his jacket and Rowan thought that was hilarious~

 Little buddies~

 Farm Life~  Getting aprons and baskets for collecting~
 Feed for the cow~

 Milking the cow~

 Apple picking~
 He loved this~

 Planting seeds~
 Picking vegetables~

 Tractor time~

 Caring for the sheep~

Collecting eggs~
 Rowan is 9 1/2 Hands Horse~
 Yay! The rides are open~
 So much joy~

 Flying high~

 Getting some help~

 Oh the adorableness~
 The longest kid ride ever~
 Laughter, so much laughter~

 This just makes me laugh~
 Off roading it~

 The rollercoaster that they suck onto...technically they were too short~
 Caught up with the olders~

 Ha ha!

 And then the cloudburst and we were soaked!
 But it made for great puddles for splashing~

 Checking out the DWS Building~
He must have told her something really amazing about that eagle!
 Time for ice cream at the ice cream tent~
 More rides~


 And then this happened~
 Some friends left and some friends came~
 They rode this many, many times~


 Willow, Vincent and Joaquin were in those cages~


He woke up for one last ride~

What a great day with great friends at the fair~

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