Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con 3rd Annual Cosplay Games

 Today we participated in the 3rd annual Salt Lake ComicCon Cosplay Games.  Willow went as Beth Greene from the Walking Dead, of course~
It was a scavenger hunt with fun riddles to find the locations of Con Volunteers.  Once we found them we snapped pictures, got a raffle ticket and were on our way.  At the end of the hunt we all got 3 day passes to the Con and we are entered to win prizes and upgraded passes.  We walked 5 miles and we are all exhausted but it was so fun!
1. Sit back in your seat
Look up at the stars
I’ll tell you a tale
Of why it’s called Mars
The Clark Planetarium~

2. Comic Con’s home to
all nerds and geeks
We’ll see you all there
in just a few weeks.

The Salt Palace~

3. In this historic house
The Opera doth dwell
But there’s other stuff too
(Go see Dave Chappelle)
The Capital Theater~

4. Come read the news
From the Honeybee
But if you prefer
Watch on KSL-TV

Deseret News~

5. Lay out in the grass
And hear some good tunes
Or glide on the ice skates to
Clair de Lune

The Galivan Center~

6. Here at this place
You won’t catch a train
But you might catch a show
By a band of that name

The Depot~

7. To see the Avengers
And not have to wait
Just pay for a ticket
And head to the Gate.

The Megaplex Theater~

8. Search through my stacks
You’ll find a rare gem
I’ve got a million stories
But can not tell them

The City Library~

9. Way up in the air
You’ll hear some sick beats
At the Comic Con Bash
(You’ll wanna buy seats)

Sky Salt Lake City~

10. When first I was read
I was called Private Eye
For alternative news
Pick me up, I’m not shy

City Weekly~

Back at the Gateway Fountains for a group picture and to turn in our raffle tickets!  Hopefully someone from our group will win some cool prizes~
(For Rowan)
Before heading home we went to City Creek for lunch~

Random photos of todays fun~

Official Photographer~

It's a rather great life~


Stephanie said...

Looks like a super great day!
Willow's hair looks great!! Glad it worked out.
So many fantastic photos. :) xoxo

Stephanie said...

Looks like a super great day!
Willow's hair looks great!! Glad it worked out.
So many fantastic photos. :) xoxo

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