Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, September 25, 2015

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

It's that time again! Scout and Beth Greene ready for the fun~
 Rowan and I went this year and had so much fun~
 Or should I say Spiderman and I went~
 He got to take down Dr Octopus~

 Kid Con fun~

 Making a light saber~

 We caught up with most of the gang~

 Iron Man!
 I got in trouble for snapping this. People lining up to see the stars~ Willow, oh my Willow.  She loves the Walking Dead so much. Scott Wilson (Herschel) was there and she wanted to give him a hug.  She asked the workers at the start of the line if she could give him a quick hug and they said they didn't know if that would be ok and that she would have to ask the people up front.  So she went up front and told those workers that the ones at the start of the line said that she COULD give him a hug.  So she did! She was so happy. He told her she was cute.
 Rowan loved playing on these pirate ships~
 He swung out on this ropes and one of the pirates had to rescue him~

 So many awesome costumes~
 "I want to go in the castle" he kept in we went~
 There was a werewolf in the corner that he would not take his eyes off of~
 And then he had cotton candy~
 And the sugar crazies came out~

 But Dad arrived in time to take him back to Kid Con and I got to hang with some friends for a while~



 Quest Givers~

Jurassic World~

This was pretty amazing~
 Josh came over after work and joined the fun~
 He crashed hard and was out for the night~ So much fun!
Day 2~

Willow got picked up before I could take her picture as Marie from the Aristocats, but I got Aspen as he was headed out~

I'm so in love with our family of Geeks.

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