Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Hike: Ruth Lake Area

 A beautiful day to hike the Ruth Lake area in the Uinta's~

 Time for jackets in the mountains~
 Gooseberry currants for snacking~
 And filling pockets~
 We were supposed to go backpacking here this weekend but our plans got changed so we decided to make a day hike out of the trip~
 New bridges since our last visit~
 And trail markers~
 Ruth Lake~

 And the Tula did it's magic...he was out~
 We made it to Jewel Lake~

We will definitely come here next summer for camping.  So beautiful~

"Nanums" to wake up. These moments are few and far between~


 Running joy~

Daddy hiking food... wheat thins, easy cheese and sausage~

His new favorite~

 In awe~

 More Gooseberries~

 The meadow~

Silly family selfies on the "selfie rock" as Rowan now calls it~

 Checking out the fish~

 His forest~
 "Come into my forest, mom" he says~ "This is my home"

 "Let's play Lord of the Rings, mom" ~
 Perfect sitting rock~
 He was Gandolf~
 Saying goodbye to Jewel Lake~
 Lily pads!
 Oh how I love them.  Rowan wanted to "plant plants" on them...he really likes playing Plants vs Zombies!
 Hayden Lake~
Ruth Lake from up above~
 The last of the summer flowers~
 What an awesome day we had.  So, so beautiful. Looking forward to more adventures and seeing the Fall Colors.  I am sad to see summer go.  It was a good one~

 Dinner stop in Heber~
 Game Face.  yep, Plants vs Zombies...I think David likes it just as much as Rowan~
Silly man~

It's a lovely life, that's for sure~

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