Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bald Mountain Hike with Grandpa

So while Willow, Rowan and Teri were in Park City for the Balloon Festival, I (David) went for a hike to the top of Bald Mountain in the Uintas with my Dad and Josh.  You couldn't ask for better weather!  The air was cool, but not cold, sun shining with such clear air, and little to no wind.

Hiking Bald Mountain isn't a long hike or particularly steep, but it is just about all above 11,000 feet.  The thin air meant taking our time, but the views were so amazing it was worth it just taking it all in slowly.

Fortunately for us the sign is wrong, it's only about 1.8 miles.... unfortunately for us, the altitude gain is about 1200 feet.

And away we go up the switch backs.  The first part of this trail was immediately steep and full of large steps.  We took LOTS of breaks.  I could hear my heart beating in my ears and it took a while for my lungs to get acclimated to the 11,000 foot air.

Fiddling around with the GPS

Taking a moment to catch our breath as well as take it all in.  We were past the switch backs by this point and on a long steady climb towards the west side of the mountain.

Up on the shoulder with the summit in the background.  Still needed to cross this boulder field and head back to the east side of the mountain near the face.

When we approached the east side of the mountain we were rewarded with this amazing view of the heart of the Uinta mountains.  That's Mirror Lake just barely in view on the left and Moosehorn lake in the lower right.  Mount Hayden and Agassiz on the horizon.

Looking back towards the West with the HWY 150 crossing over Bald Mountain Summit.

A better view of Mirror lake with the surrounding mountains.  I love this place so much.

I can't believe I got Josh to stand that close to the ledge!

Of course I had to one up him with my toes over the edge.  After posing for that picture I whipped my head back around to take another look at the view and nearly got vertigo.  Just below my feet is probably about a 200-300 foot drop and when you swing your head around like that you suddenly have no point of reference in your peripheral vision, it gave me a split second flash feeling of falling.

After scrambling up the shoulder we were rewarded with this view of both sides of the mountain.  We crossed this saddle and made our way to the top of the mountain.

If I only could be half as cool as this man!

From the top of the mountain looking to the North-West we see Reid's Peak.  The valley behind it is the headwaters of the Weber River and it's basin.  It eventually winds it's way near Park City and then continuing on to Ogden before finding the Great Salt Lake.

Panoramic view of the Eastern Skies from the top of the mountain.

Looking down between the rocks at Mirror Lake below.  That meadow just beyond it has special memories for me and my family.  On a camping trip to Mirror lake we decided to explore and found ourselves in that meadow on a warm afternoon.  The children played in the streams and ponds, the dogs ran wild, we laid in the sun soaking it all in.  Definitely in the top 10 of my happy family memories.....even though there leaches in the drying up ponds.

Here we sat enjoying a rest on the ledge while snacking on granola bars and beef jerky.

We discovered a Geocache!  Inside the box was a notebook, package of graham crackers, granola bars, bottle of water and various odds and ends.  There was even a subway pass from NYC in there.

You can barely make out the Geocache tucked into the rocks behind Josh in that narrow slot.

A view to the north.  That lake is Kamas lake where my Dad, Josh, Warren and I backpacked to a few years back.  Warren and Josh were crazy enough to go swimming in that lake.

Time to start heading back down.  Getting down took about 1/3 of the time of getting up there.  Rough on the knees, thighs and ankles, but at least we could breathe!

It's tradtion in our family to stop at the Mirror Lake Diner in Kamas after a good hike.  Josh rewarded himself with some Chicken and Waffles.  Dad and I had a scramble with Hash browns, sausage, two over easy eggs, cheese and toast.  Sooo delicious.  Always a good time in the Uintas with Josh and my Dad!

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