Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday at Red Pine

8 miles today! Beautiful hike~

 My phone says I walked the most recorded steps ever today!  22,000!

 Nothing like a mountain raspberry~

 Refreshing the frogtoggs in the stream~

 Rowan yelled "A frog!" I see it, do you?

 Hazy Salt Lake City down below~


 He decided to hike for a bit~

 Then he had a snack and fell asleep~
 We made it to the lake~
 Everyone was so impressed by David wearing a kid on the trail.  It was a rough one! All the websites say 3 miles...but it is 4...we decided they were saying 3 from the cutoff of the White Pine trail~

 So, so beautiful and so worth the hike!

 Best napping place ever~


 We saw a marmot!
 So adorable!

 Love his teeth~

 We saw cute birds~
 Beautiful streams~
 And I saw this just for Rowan!  It is the Smiling sunflower from Plants vs Zombies...his newest obsession~
 The flowers are on their way out but they are still so beautiful~

 Two of my loves~

 On our way home~
 Oh how I love this little man~


Silly family selfies~

Love our Sunday hikes~

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