Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sort of Camping in the Uinta's

 We headed to the Mirror Lake Highway on Friday with plans to camp at Washington Lake~
 Sometimes the best laid plans don't go the way you want and you end up salvaging what you can~
 This was one of those weekends~

 When we were literally 1/2 a mile from the campground our RV just quit.  It would not budge~
 So we coasted backwards down the road back to the HWY and tried to think of a plan.
 David could get it started but it would die soon after.  He is pretty good with cars and knew it had to be one of a couple different things~
 We decided to move out of the way and we coasted down the mountain (frightening!) to a pull off where we could get some help.
 There is no cell service in the Uinta's so David hitched a ride with a very nice family all the way back to our house! That is about 75 miles~
 The kids, dogs and I hung out in the RV and playing on the mountain for 4 hours while David called our insurance to have the RV towed and got our car~
 We made the best of the day~
 There was this super sweet lady that checked in on us twice to make sure we were ok!  So many great people in Utah~
 We played in the river while figuring out the plan~

 It is so beautiful in the Uintas~

We played lots of mad libs, watched movies and ate tons of food~
 We explored the mountainside~
 And played in the river~

 We were quite silly~

 Sweet boy always gives me flowers~

 Maggie and Juniper were so very happy~

 She wants to fetch, always~ no matter how big the stick!

David arrived with the catbus and soon after the tow truck for Maude~ The tow truck driver was going to tow us to Heber to the Ford dealership but we asked if he could tow us to the cabin and he did!  We barely fit under the arch into Timberlakes! Turns out, there is some part on the engine that can overheat if you have been going strong at highway speeds and suddenly stop or slow down, which is what we did...and we have never taken Maude out in hot weather and it was VERY hot in the Uinta's that day.  Supposedly if you just turn it off and wait an hour everything is good to go...but we didn't know so we made the best of the planned camping trip and "camped" at the cabin~  David can replace the part and we are going to have a "doover" here in a couple of weeks!  We were having one of two farewell trips in our old RV.  We plan to sell her and get a truck and trailer next year. 

 Biking on gravel down big hills!  It's always fun at the cabin~
 This kid is crazy~

 Willow loves driving~

 A boy and his dog~
 On Saturday we headed back up to the Uinta's and spent the day at Trial Lake...picnicking, fishing, boating and swimming.  It was a lovely day~

 The dogs had an amazing day~

 Rowan decided he does not care for fishing~

 But he like boating and throwing the stick for the dogs~

 Little sailors~

 Fetching, fetching and more fetching.  Maggie was literally falling over from exhaustion~

 David did not catch anything~
 But Willow did with her ziplock bag~


You can't see it as it is almost microscopic but it is a baby trout~
 She released it after a while of trying to convince me to bring it home~

 Rowan tried but wanted instant results~


 He doesn't like their "slimy" qualities~

 That little spiderman fishing pole is actually pretty good~
 Two wet, happy, exhausted dogs~
 After leaving the lake we headed to hike the fairy forest~ Someone was very sleepy~

 We are definitely going to add to this next time~

 So cool~

 Ha ha, Rowan~ He eventually woke up and LOVED the forest~

 It was a great day~
 Back at the cabin for dinner and roasting marshmallows over the grill~
 No one in our family likes smores...or even roasted marshmallows but I bring them camping.  We tested them on Rowan and like the rest of us he is not a fan~

 Then Willow got ahold of the camera~ Things got crazy...



 What a fun night~
I think we did a pretty good job of salvaging the weekend!  The RV drove all the way home with no problems! Oh well, we didn't know.  David is going to replace some things and we will try Washington Lake again.  We love it up there.  We always love going to the cabin so it was a great weekend nonetheless! We stopped in at the Spin Café for spinny fries and gelato on the way home...yum!
Looking forward to more adventures~

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