Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


What an awesome day we had at Lagoon!  The weather was perfect and it wasn't too crowded~
So many rides, so much food and so, so much fun!
 Rowan LOVED the rides~

 He was laughing hysterically on this one~

 When did he get so big?
 Little pilot~
3 years ago today he came home from the NICU.  Lagoon is an awesome place to celebrate that!

 He liked this one the best~

He said "I was shooting you mom"...gee thanks~

 This was awesome!
 What a fun group~
 The look of horror as I see the waterfall~

 I laid over Rowan!

 We all got it~
Our raft rotated under the falls to make sure we were all soaked~

 SO much fun~

 A happy bunch~

Silly guys~
 They had so much fun they did it again~
 Rowan and I stayed with Lorenzo and he captured all these great pictures~

 They got even more wet the 2nd time around~

 Apparently they were all chanting "Jaeger, Jaeger" hoping he would get the waterfall~
 But it was Willow and Vincent~

 Ha ha!

 They were soaked~

So much fun~

 The pack off to ride more rides~

While we got some lunch~

 Lorenzo captured the peacocks~


Rowan wanted his own cheeseburger...he took 5 bites and he was full~
 So off we went to play~
 Lagoon A Beach was fun.  No pictures as we were all sliding and floating the lazy river~

 He wanted a frozen banana with sprinkles...which made me laugh because no one else in our family likes sprinkles.  David ate it~
 After the Cannibal they were off for skydiving~ Emma joined in while we were at Lagoon A Beach.

 Getting ready to fly~

 Up the go~ Joaquin, Jaeger and Emma~

 David And Willow getting ready~

 Here they go~
 Maybe this will satisfy her need to jump out of an airplane? Probably not!
 This was actually her 2nd time to go.  She and Emma went before I could get over to film them!
 Flying high~
 Love, love love!!

 Coming down~

 The happy flyers~
 Then Jen and I forced them, I mean, talked them in to getting a picture made~
They are an awesome hodgepodge of themes.  Absolutely so perfect~
I so want this to be the new cover picture of our Salt Lake Unschooling group!
 While we were doing the pictures, David took Rowan to go have more fun in Kiddie Land~
 Train rides~



So silly~

So much fun~

He is a little daredevil too.  It won't be long until he is skydiving I am sure~

 Until next time~
Videos of the fun~
Joaquin, Jaeger and Emma~

David and Willow going up~

David and Willow flying~

Pilot Rowan~

Pirate ship~


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