Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, July 10, 2015

Granny's Visit: July 7th The Hogle Zoo, City Creek Mall and Car Adventures

 We have been having such fun times with Granny!

 Today we went to the zoo~
 Riding the train~

 Adorable Zebras~

 Checking out the Zoorassic Park Dinos~

 We got a glimpse of the baby orangutan~

 Rowan came running over to me after this picture and he was upset.  He said "Granny called me a Dino butt" ha ha! I said "no, a dino bite" Silly kid~
 The T-Rex~

 Love the sloth in his milk crate~

 The Mara for my Mara~

 This cobra was intrigued by Rowan~

 We had a fun morning~
 Then we went to City Creek to meet Aspen~
 And to see more Dinos~

 And fish~
 And get soaking wet while the others shopped~

And to be goofy with chicken nuggets~

 Rowan says "I love malls"  hmmm, not sure how I feel about that little man! Sorry you were cursed with a mother that loathes shopping!
 So the excitement continued.  On the way over from the zoo my car suddenly started blowing hot air out the AC and then overheated! I was able to get into the parking garage before damage was done.  I called David and he met me at the mall after work and we traded cars. He took my car to the dealership (it's still under warranty for 4000 more miles!) and waited to be shuttled over to Enterprise to get a rental.  When we were done at the mall, we piled into his car and headed home.  Suddenly his car lost all power and I had to coast to the side of the street! ( some part of his alternator is slowly dying) We sat on State street for an hour and a half waiting for David to get there with the rental to give us a jump start. We could have called roadside assistance or Aspen or Josh to come rescue us but we didn't think it would take so long for David to get a car rental.  These things seem to happen in 3's in our home.  We decided to count that the cable was out for a short minute as the 3rd thing!  Ahh the adventures!  My car is fixed (the radiator fan died) but I have to say I like driving the big beast suburban we got.  At first, I was horrified at the size but it actually gets better gas mileage than my volvo and has tons of space. Maybe one of those is in our future when we sell our RV and get a trailor?

Fun times and memories made~

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