Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Granny's Visit: July 3rd Friends, Games and Fireworks

 My mom wanted a nap, so we headed to the water park with friends for the afternoon~

 Such cuties~
 These two were gone having fun for 2 hours~

 Rowan got a lift in the wagon!   It was a great afternoon in the sun!

 Then home to play some games with Granny~
 Sword battles~

 Shanghai rummy (Josh's favorite!)

 And then some yahtzee fun~

 Mara and David made dinner~
 And battled with swords a bit too~

 There were crazy moments~

 Rowan learned to play yahtzee~

 Whoo hoo!

 A short lived victory when she realized she had already marked her yahtzee out!  Ha ha! She won anyway~

 Then logo party...with young adults that don't watch tv, let alone commercials so we never get very far! Josh described his logo as park equipment to my was Parkay ha ha!

 Delicious family dinner before heading out to see the fireworks~

 Iceburg on the way~

 We had to find a new tradition this year.  We were so very sad that our city sold the property where they have been shooting fireworks off for years.  No more kids on the roof watching the fireworks. We drove up North and had a great evening so it was all ok in the end, but we will sure miss out annual party and fireworks show!

 Willow was dancing and having fun~

 My mom was freezing~

 It was a fun night!

 Gotta have light up swords and necklaces~

 Then the show began~

My favorites were the smiley faces!!

Happy Independence Day~

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