Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wild Wednesday

Our day started with a HOT bike ride to the park.  Rowan had asked me 20 times to take him so I said ok! It's gonna be a scorcher but lets do it.  We got to the park in time for the free school lunch program so Rowan got a lunch...he was not impressed with the burrito lol He kept asking where the chicken, lettuce and tomatoes were! 
Afterwards it was home to cool off...and have a popsical that dyes your entire body red...for days!

 Then it was time to head to the Wild Wednesday teen group! (photos courtesy of my friend Holly)
 Willow is LOVING it!  She learned to play poker~

 Yard jenga is the best~
Seriously, life as an unschooler is pretty awesome~

And while Willow was enjoying her teen group, Rowan and I went to the aquarium~

He is always thrilled when he can see the sea turtle~

He really loves turtles~

After staring in for a while he turned and said "I don't see the snake? " ha ha!

The bridge 10 times over~
At one point he was running across~

He said he was thinking about penguins~ The baby penguin is so adorable!!
Oh how he loves jellyfish~

And then after we got home he still wanted our nightly walk...which has now become his nightly bike ride.

It's a rather good life~

Counting all the jellyfish...I always love when my kids count to eleventeen!

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