Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Utah Unschoolers: Kim's Cold Blooded Creatures

 Today we had Kim's Cold Blooded Creatures share their animals with us!
 So very cool!

 Everyone had a great time!
 Rowan asked if the Bearded Dragon could fly~
 Checking out the big pythons~

 The only creature he would not go near was the Tarantula~

 He thought the scorpion was a lobster!

 So many friends~

 They gave us a presentation on each animal and told us all about them and then it was all hands on~
 What an awesome group!

 Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches~ Rowan has really been into learning about Madagascar.  We have been reading about it and nearly every day he has me show it to him on the map! He likes seeing a few of the animals from there.

 Rowan could not stop laughing when this leaf insect was hanging on hi face~

 This is a footless lizard!

 The snake weighed more than Rowan, so he needed a bit of help holding it~

 He thought it was amazing~

 He really liked the blue tongue on this guy~

 I held a turtle!

 Such a sweet little frog~

 Afterwards, we had a big pot luck lunch~
 Another awesome day to be an unschooler~

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