Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, June 26, 2015

Thursday: Dentist, Fat Cats and More Biking!

We drive up north to Rowan's dentist and so we always try to hang out with our Ogden friends when we go. Rowan got a good review at the dentist, so another 3 months till we go back!  

Then we headed to Ogden for some summer bowling to stay cool.  I just love tiny bowling shoes~

Rowan was the bowling ball protector.  If he wasn't bowling he was guarding all the balls~
And he won!

He loves to bowl~

 So much fun!

Side by side bowling~

 They opened the party room and let the kids play~

 And the bumber cars were fun~

Loving this 99 cent play at Fat Cat's all summer!

 Rowan is still too small to ride the cars so he was distracted with "playing" games...although I am not sure how much longer until he figures out you have to put money in to actually play!

All that Plant VS Zombies playing has made him a pro~

And then more evening bike riding! He is starting to master hills.  He did this probably 20 times~ 

Such a great life~

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