Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, June 15, 2015


 So much excitement when packages some in the mail~
 Thank you Aunt Wendy, Uncle Chris and Jacob! I love my gifts~

Birthday celebrations with Grandma and Grandpa and lots of cousins the night before the big day~

So excited to blow out the candles~



Josh telling him how lucky he is that he gets to go see Jurassic World on his Birthday and how traumatic it was when he was his age and got left with Grandma and Grandpa so David and I could go see Jurassic Park Lost World.
Cool toy!

He wanted the Dino foot and head...but he only ate the icing!
Then it was home to finish up some gifts! My friends help me cut these adorable masks out our Mom's Craft night and I just needed to sew them up for the big day~
Happy Birthday little one...Birthday morning present opening~

Where's Waldo for Marvel~

"I got a box" he said

Nope, it is a Spiderman beach towel for our Birthday trip to Seven Peaks~

Who made me this pillow?

Oh the excitement! He loved the masks~

Josh explaining who all the masks belong to~

Little Iron Man~

And now little Captain America~

His choice for breakfast...Jamba Juice~
Then off to Seven Peaks! Beaking in our Pass of All Passes.  The day could not have been more perfect!

Gotta let that sunblock soak in~

He loved it~
He took to the slide like a pro~

He did this like 20 times...I need a massage! ha!
Pretty soon we didn't have to catch him~

He almost fell asleep in the lazy river~ just like Willow so many years ago...

And he was doing the dog paddle all over the wave pool~

Willow and David had fun doing all the Big waterslides~

Back to the slides~

And of course he had to sit on the Dinos!

And give them kisses~

Then we had some lunch and headed to Megaplex for Jurasic World~

He LOVED the movie! We all thought it was great~

A stop at the bank to deposit his Birthday money from family and of course get a sucker and a $2 bill~

It's so awesome to be three~

Happy Birthday from the family~

Little Slider~

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