Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rowan's Amazing Spiderman Birthday Party!

Time to celebrate Rowan turning 3! Capes and masks for all~

Photo booth~

Bean Bag Toss~
Strike out the villain~

Web Blast the Villains~
(silly string)
Rowan came out while I was setting up and wanted to try out the photo booth~

And then find his cape and mask~

Of course he had to swing on his web~

There was food to be had~
Fuel up cups~

The Daily Bugle mix~

Spider cheese~
Superpower foods!

Friends arrived~

Let the fun begin~

Baby capes~

Web blasting~


The cool kids~

Our special guest arrived!

Rowan was in awe~

Admiring Spiderman with so much love~

Spiderman share his story of how he became a super hero~

And then he showed all the kids how to be a super hero~

Sit ups with web shooting~

Keep the balloon in the air~

And now try to pop it! Rowan tried really hard~

Then spiderman gave them special spider tattoos~

So proud~

He had to have one for each hand~
Even those that were not so sure about this masked man became brave~

So sweet~

Time for some photo booth pictures~

Saying farewell.  Time for Spiderman to go help people~

Time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the number 3!


Pinata time~

Rowan needed a distraction from the fact that everyone got a turn to hit the pinata!

Thanks so much Holly and Bodhi!

These kids are amazing at striking the pinata!
Cupcake in one hand and sword in another~

Holding mom's hand gives her more power!

Strike one!

And it's down~

Present time~

Rowan received so many awesome gifts! We have amazing friends~

Yes, I cried~

Looking cool~

He has officially worn all the clothing, played with playdough, bubbles, dinosaurs, put together puzzles and read so many stories...and now he is going to shave in the bathtub! What a night!

So much love~
These two have Birthdays next!

Sibling love~

I'd say they got the villains~

Such a fun party!!

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful friends.  We love you all and are so grateful for you coming and celebrating Rowan with us~

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