Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, June 1, 2015

Boise Birthday Weekend

First up: Swimming fun!
He loves the water!

A great way to end the day~

On Saturday we headed to the World Center for Birds of Prey~
We got up close and personal with a couple of falcons~

And then we headed out to explore~

Willow made friends with a Turkey Vulture named Lucy~

This kid is all about the birds~


Looking at a feather~

Willow really got into the part of being a condor~

Rowan was a snow owl~

These fat and happy ground squirrels were everywhere~

Trail running~

Then we headed to the zoo~


Willow is the animal whisperer.  These little guys were reaching for her.  It had us in tears it was so sweet~

Loving the sweet fox~
Oh the goats...we spent a lot of time here.


The teeth~

Red Pandas~

He was a blur~

Oh so adorable~

Komoto Dragon~

Happiness!  We love the Boise zoo.  It was so fun~
The lady checking us in at the hotel told us we should check out this outdoor mall nearby so afterwards we went there to wander the shops.  Willow was in heaven~
Grumpy Cat~
Rowan slept for hours!

Then we stopped for some New York Pizza.  It was delicious!

They had a great playground for the kids to play on~

He mastered the fireman pole~

He was not sure at first~


Then it was back to the hotel for more swimming fun~

Rowan mastered the doggie paddle...or his own version of it where he pushes his hands out.
On Sunday we decided to go back to the zoo.  Everyone had so much fun~

We got to see the Joey in the pouch!

Rowan told me when he was in my pouch I died.  He freaks me out when he says things like that.  I am sure in some cellular way he remembers...
Snow cones for kids that don't like snow cones lol.
It was hot~

We had to do more goat feeding~

Then it was time to head home~
We made a stop in Twin Falls to check out Shoshone Falls~


Rowan was chasing these ferrets everwhere~
Smashed pennies all around~
Such a great, relaxing weekend! 

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