Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Father's Day Summer Solstice: Family, Friends, Hiking and Biking~

Happy Father's Day to the best Dad in the world! Thank you for all that you do for us and for who you are. We love you so much~

And Rowan sure misses his Mara not being around all the time~He was glued to her that whole afternoon!

After lunch, David, Rowan and I hiked to Bloods Lake~ Welcome Summer, we are so glad you are here!
What a BEAUTIFUL Day!!
Rowan was asleep withing 2 minutes of the hike.  The Tula still has that affect on him~
It is a short 15 minute hike to the lake~

I love this man so much~
He is awake~


Looking for salamanders~
So many beautiful flowers~

That got him out of the Tula~ Noting like a snowball fight on the first day of summer~
Such a beautiful lake~

Water jumper~

Rock thrower~


Cute little one among the flowers~

See ya later Bloods Lake~
Time for a cookout and picnic~

Maggie loves bubbles so much~

Josh and his friend Rob in a battle~
Some things never change~

Thanks for grilling out for us~

Rowan wants to do the jump rope so badly~
He will get it one day~
Willow is the pro, especially on the trampoline~

And then our version of a rat pack~ literally~ a sunset ride to the park.

Rowan was screaming that he could see the moon, Jupiter and Venus!
This guys is becoming a speed demon!
They enjoyed their ride to the park~ and Willow got lots of double takes and had lots of fans~

It was a great Father's Day and welcoming of summer~

"I DID IT!" he says~

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