Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, June 27, 2015


 Willow is off to Prom~
 Yes she is 12 and no she is not is school! It was a Fantasy Cosplay Prom held in a Night Club downtown before they open for the night.

 Our friend had this dress and it fit her perfectly! Of course her boots were a must.  Love this kids style~
 Picture time!
 A great looking bunch~

 Willow is carrying the purse I used at Prom! It has been in our dress up box for...many years~

 Off they go~

Iceburg shakes after!

It's a rather good life~

Nature in the City: Details Detective

 David and Rowan participated in Tracy Aviary's Nature in the City program today at Hidden Hollow.

 They were detail detectives!

 Rowan really enjoys these programs~

 And he has made a sweet friend, Owen, who is so sweet to Rowan.
 He told me he saw lots of crows, woodpeckers, fish and hummingbirds today~
 And climbed on giant beets~

 He drew all the things he saw~
 Little artist~

 Afterwards, he and David headed over to the library to turn in his reading log for June~
Apparently he was supposed to choose from bubbles, stickers or something else but the kids in front of him were turning in completed logs and got a mustache sucker for July's prize.  Rowan got his turn and was shown the choices and said" Actually, I would like a sucker please" and the librarian told David she couldn't say no since he asked so nicely :)

Another fun Saturday~

Friday, June 26, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Liberty Park Canyons

 It was a HOT day today!  Perfect for splashing in the Canyons~

 Or chasing with water squirters~
 Little Buddies~

 On the lookout~

 High Fives~

 Jack is a good friend~

 These two~

 Sweet babies to hold~

 A fun group today!

 He is going to be ready for some cliff diving soon~


 Ending the day with ice cream~

Loving our Unschooled Life~

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