Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, May 22, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Castle Heights Park

 A wonderful day spent with wonderful friends, new and old, at Castle Heights Park in Fruit Heights~

 My little Knight had an amazing day!

 And Daryl and Beth (Willow's Rats) tagged along for the fun~

 Balance skills~

 Lots of swords~

 Off they go into the woods to play Zombie Apocalypse and Hunger Games.
 Snacking with friends~

 These two had a lot of fun playing together~
 So much joy~

Caught him!
 And apparently these two won both games~
We have had so much rain lately! The river was really high and rushing fast~

 Sword fighter~

 Log climbing~

 We saw blurs of the teens racing past~

 And hiding out waiting to jump~

 Such a beautiful area~

 They found mushrooms~
 Awesome balance skills! He made it across~

 Looking for Swiper~

 Blowing dandelions~

 He was so tired ~
It's so great to be an unschooler~

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