Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Moab: Rafting and Exploring

 The dad's and big kids went rafting for the day.  They had a great time!
 David snapped a few photos...

 And the moms and the littles played around in Moab for the day.
 We went to Rotary Park ...
 They have these cool musical instruments to play around on~

 And there were thousands of lady bugs getting ready to form their shells...kinda gross but cool at the same time~

 So glad Whitney has ladybugs they are growing so she knew what they were!
 So much running and playing~

 They were butterflies~

 Getting a drink~

 Then we went to lunch at a place called Eddie McStiffs.  It was pretty good.
 Afterwards we walked to the Moab Museum.
 It was Monday free day!

 This old player piano was a hit!

 And of course all the Dinosaur stuff~

 These two found an incubator from the first hospital in Moab.  They thought it was cool that they both lived in one of these when they were born.  They have so much in common.  Rowan was born at 29 weeks, Adrian at 28, at the same hospital and they both have the same middle name.  Whitney and I are both glad they were born in this time and not in 1920! But is was cool to see.
 Afterwards we wandered the crossroads park system that goes all over downtown Moab.
 We stopped into the Moab Diner for some Superman Icecream~

 Then we wandered some shops and by then the Dads and the big kids were done.  We decided to meet up for diner later~
 We took Rowan back to Arches to turn in his Junior Ranger book.   The ranger could not believe he was only 2.  He was telling her all about the arches and sandstone and the animals that lived in the park.  I guess he was really listening to the movie we watched!
 He made a pledge to protect the park~
 And he was so proud of his badge!
Back at the Brewery for diner! ha ha

Another awesome day in Moab~

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