Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Moab: Negro Bill Canyon

We got to Moab about 6 pm Thursday night.  We had reserved a spot in a RV camp for the night with plans to move to the BLM land at Sand Flats in the morning.  We set up camp and had dinner at Zax.  It was an all you could eat pizza buffet for the kids! Our friends got there a bit later than us but we met up with them the next day.

 The next morning, David and Josh picked up our friend David and they went and hunted down sites at Sand Flats. Willow and I played a lot of mad libs while Rowan hung out in the "nest" playing.

 They found some great spots!
 We set up camp and went to play!

 It was super windy that day, perfect for kite flying!

 Unfortunately the kite met its demise in the gusty winds. It was fun while it lasted~

 So we had some lunch and packed up and got ready to hike Negro Bill Canyon.

 My hot hiking man~
 I got to wear Rowan for a little bit but my incision started to hurt so onto David he went...I sure miss my little monkey on my back!
 Prickly Pear Cactus~
 First signs of crawfish...a shell~
 Sweet Julian~

 Josh is a pro at finding creatures~
 Rowan had fallen asleep on my back and woke up in the river.  He was a bit unsure at first.  He had a death grip on David!

 Sweet Beckie and Lily~

 Trying out the water~
 The collection begins~
 Josh showing the crawfish~

 Rowan decided they were ok.  His fear of insects had his a little wary~

 It didn't take long for him to start running through the water~
 Willow even got brave enough to hold one~

 They found a female with eggs~
 They found tons!

 Rowan saw the cactus and was so excited!


 And the release...No one had crawfish for dinner~

 These two pretty much hiked the river up the canyon.  They would come out every once in a while when they would hit the big spider nests!
 The wind started to pick up and we got an afternoon desert rain.
 I think this guy was the biggest one they found.

 Off to hike to the bridge~

 So much beauty in the desert ~

 These two really had a great time~

 Made it to the bridge~

 Josh really bonded with Lily.

 Lily really wanted to be in our family picture!

 After an awesome day playing in the canyon we headed to the Moab Diner for dinner.  So good!

Rowan thought the jam packets were the best~

Such an awesome first day in Moab!

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