Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Moab: Mill Creek Trail

Waking up in the nest for Day 2 of exciting fun! Today we were off to Mill Creek Canyon for some swimming and cliff jumping.
Willow made breakfast~

Rowan loved playing around the campsite~
And hiking with his buddies~

Off they go~

Lily did not care for hiking through water~

We made it to the waterfall and Josh and Willow were the first ones in~
It was COLD!

The littles had fun playing on the shore, throwing rocks and hiding in the brush~

David, Josh, Willow and David all jumped!

It took Willow a while to get up the nerve but she finally did it!
After they made the jump a few times we were off~
Josh caught some minnows for the littles to see~
We were on the hunt for tadpoles~
We only found one.  A little early in the year for them still~

Duel wielding baby~

Back to camp for some lunch and to rest~

Then off to explore the campground~
Moab is so beautiful~
Rowan wanted to be like Josh~

Looking for lizards~

We were in loop A~

This guy told us to climb to the top to check out the "swimming pool"...yeah, I don't think we will be going in that thank you~
Downtown Moab~

Manti Lasall Mountains in the back~

The McNeil's camp...I spot Landon!
Playing in the sand...perfect for his 4 wheelers!

Time to make dinner! Chili Dogs and watermelon~
Willow built the fire~

And Rowan cooked his hot dog on a stick~
Then we made smores, of course!  Although no one in our family really likes smores ha ha!

Such a wonderful day!

Everyone clapped when Willow made the jump! She was so nervous~

All 3 of them~

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