Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Moab: Arches (Part Two) and Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail

 We got up super early for us (7 am) and headed out of our camping spot.  We parked our RV in a parking area and headed back into Arches for one last hike.

 There were so many animals!

 We headed up the Devils Garden loop, with the intention of just making it to Landscape Arch (the first one on the main trail) We have done the loop before, but we also wanted to check out Mill Canyon and the Dinosaur bones and since we had to also drive home we didn't want to exhaust ourselves.  Pretty much after the Landscape Arch, the trail for the Devils Garden is primitive and involves a lot of climbing up sandstone.  It is awesome and totally worth it if you go!

 This little guy is regrowing a tail~

 Rowan has a good eye for spotting animals~

 Landscape arch!
 Double O Arch~
 Josh told me that the man that discovered Landscape Arch also discovered Delicate Arch.  He named Delicate Arch Landscape Arch and Landscape Arch Delicate Arch, but when he drew the official map he mixed the two up. It had already gone to printing so it was too late to fix.  Landscape arch lost a big piece in 1991 and seems so thin.  It will be sad when these are all gone. I can see why he named it Delicate Arch.

 These two make me laugh~

 Checking out the lizard foot prints in the sand~

 We pulled over to look at the Fiery Furnace.  You have to have a permit and a Ranger to hike there.  Next time for sure!

 It's amazing!

 Of course you can't go anywhere without your trusty parrot and your new humming bird.  This kid loves birds!
 After Arches we had some lunch and said goodbye to Moab.  We drove about 15 miles North to some BLM Land up Mill Canyon.  There are Fossilized Dinosaur bones still in the rock wall to see.  It was really cool!  Right when we got out of the car and man on a 4 wheeler pulled up and told us to watch out for rattle snakes.  He said they are on the trail all the time... yeah, I didn't need to know that!

 Rowan loved this! one needs Hantavirus either.  So if you are freaked out by rattlesnakes and the possibility of contracting a plague like condition I would not visit this area...only kidding!
 Pretty crazy nest though~
 Those towers in the distance are a popular rock climbing destination.
 A petrified tree trunk~

 Saying farewell to the desert~
We had such an amazing trip! So much fun having great friends to come along and let us torcher them on killer hikes! Can't wait till our next adventure~

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