Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, May 22, 2015

Boondocks Family Fun

 Willow's orthodontist did a family appreciation night at Boondocks and we invited some friends to come along.  We practically had the place to ourselves!

 Everyone had a great time! I can't believe we have lived here for 12 years and we have never been.

 The bumper boats were tons of fun~

 Rowan thought squirting Mom with the sprayer was hilarious...

 Josh's boat would not stop squirting water so if you went near him you were soaked.

 They served us dinner.  We laughed because the tables were covered in candy...and it was and orthodontist catered dinner...and most of the candy was taffy!

 Rowan tried his first creamie...he took a couple of licks and said it was gross.  Sometimes I wonder who this ice cream hating kid is?  Although I have to agree that creamies are gross.

 There was a cool climbing area with a big slide that Rowan loved~ I think these three were having a business meeting?
 And lots of arcade games!
 This was so fun! The seats move, it's in 3-D and you get to kill zombies.  Plus you can watch everyone on the screen outside!

 Off to play mini-golf~

 He worked so hard to get the ball in the hole!

 The go carts were so much fun~

 Willow thought driving was the best thing ever~
 They soaked each other~

 Willow and Adrian going fast!

 He won lots of prizes thanks to a nice lady that gave Rowan all of her tickets!

 They tried to get me in way, now how.  They close you up in that tiny box and it flips all around while you watch a screen of a roller coaster ride.  Apparently you can choose the ride and Landon was screaming at Willow "we chose the wrong one, we chose the wrong one!!" as they were flipped all around.  She rode it twice, but she is a daredevil!

 Winning tickets~
A super fun night with friends! We will definitely go back soon.

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