Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Tanner Park

 Loving our little community of friends~




 These two disappeared with Juniper for the afternoon.  They had fun playing with her off leash in the dog park.

Till next week~

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nature in the City: Painting a Soundscape

 Tracy Aviary is doing a program this summer called Nature in the City.  After Woodland School, Willow, Rowan and I attended the "Painting a Soundscape" workshop along with some friends and had a lot of fun!

 We sat a listened to sounds all around and wrote down or drew pictures of the things we heard.

 We did this in a couple of different spots.

 Lot's of beautiful bird sounds~
 Then we painted what we heard~
 And played lots of fun animal games~
 The gals in charge are super cute and fun with the kids~

 Dancing like a Sandhill Crane was the favorite I think...

Such a cute program! It is free to attend just click the link above to register.

Woodland School: Red Butte

 A lovely morning at Woodland school~

 Hiking up and down~

 The area is so lush and green with all the rain we have been having!

 Hunting for spiders~

 He said he found lettuce~
 And tons of dandelions to blow~
 River walking~

Making new friends~

It's a lovely life~

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Night Food Trucks

 On Monday nights in our neighborhood they have food trucks and live music...
 Yummy food!

 And some sweet dancing going on by this little man~

 Of course you gotta have donuts~
 Because they make you dance even faster~
A great evening out~

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Random Project Post

 We have had quite a few projects going on the last few days...
 The Pirate ship got a new rope ladder.  We liked the ramp, but the kids always wanted to swing on the ropes, which made the railing weaken and sometimes they would fall off so the ramp became something new! He is already a pro and climbing up.  Next up, a water cannon and a pulley system!

This kid spends entirely too much time at Home Depot~

But that means you get to go on cool lunch dates and eat at the counter!

 We have been busy putting in a garden.  David recycled our old picnic table and a smaller one that we had (it flew off the deck and shattered while we were in Moab!) into raised beds! I started some seeds inside but most of them died (while we were in Moab) so I started new ones.  I am thinking I am going to have to just go buy plants though, they don't seem to be growing much outside.  Maybe it is all the crazy wind and rain? It is cold! I am ready for the heat.  Juniper keeps stripping the leaves off my green bean plants.  Sigh~ I never had a garden be successful here in Utah.  Our backyard has always been shady and then we had free range chickens...and now 2 old Border Collies that like to eat vegetable plants! Oh well, I have a plan in mind.

 This kid loves everything about the solar system.  Willow, Rowan and I had one of those "go to 20 different stores" days today.  I was in search of supplies for making things for Rowan's upcoming Spider Man birthday party and Willow had a list of things to get for a project she wanted to do.  It reminded me of the days when I was a Girl Scout Leader.  Always out getting stuff for projects.  I sometimes miss those days~
 We hit the DI first and bought an old painting so she could use it for the backing of her project.  I really loathe that place but sometimes you can find some cool stuff.  She attached stencil letters in a quote and then spray painted the whole painting.  Once it was dry, she peeled off the letters and the original painting showed through.  It turned out super cute!
 While in Michael's, Rowan spotted one of those paint your own solar system kits and had to have it.

 He worked SO hard painting.  He was very thorough.

 He was so proud of his finished product!

 Willow's project turned out really cool too.  It is so nice for me to see her crafting.  I love to do projects and she has never really been into them.  Just another testament of unschooling.  She has been quite the DIY queen lately.  She just likes to do her own thing, which is so much like me!

 The finished painting!  Not bad for a $3 DI painting.
 She snapped a few pics of some of the other DIY stuff she has been working on.  I saw her coming up from the basement with the bin of glitter...Luckily she headed outside with it!  She made that cupcake liner topiary a while back.  Talk about patience! Each one is pinned with a pin to a Styrofoam ball.  I love her bin for savings for the Emily Kinney concert.  Only a few weeks away!
 Glitter Containers! (ignore the cat food ha ha)

 Spray painted stencil pail~  She has also been busy making things for her rats and for Asha our cat.  She came in the other day and asked if we had any rope.  Conveniently enough we had just taken apart the ramp of the pirate ship so we had plenty.  She took an old carpet scrap, the rope and an old board and made Asha a scratching post.  Asha loves it!.
 More Pirate ship laughter~

 So much joy~

Loving life~

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