Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What We Learned Today

 Today we learned that we have great friends (but we already knew that)
 We learned that playing hide and seek is awesome, especially when you are a tiger!

 We learned that baby rats are fast...very fast.  Unfortunately today baby Rick bolted from Willow and was nowhere to be found.  He left us in a "rat heaven" by the Jordan river in the International Peace Gardens. Hopefully he will live a long and happy life as a free range rat.

 That sometimes rivers have undercurrents and they are awesome for throwing sticks and leaves into.

 And that river docks are a great place for a snack.

 Running free is the best.

 That Mermaids are magical.

 And rock caves for climbing and hiding are the best, especially when they are on top of a hill.

 Running downhill makes you go super fast!

 And is more fun with friends.

 Belly sliding down hills makes for great laughter.

 Best friends are a joy in life.

 That hands turn purple after eating blueberries.

 That we live on Planet Earth.

 And having to leave early to go to an Orthodontist appointment isn't so bad when you are given the news "No more retainer" !
 Getting a new friend for Daryl so he isn't lonely was top on the list.  Meet Beth (Don't worry, he is a male so no babies!)

Some days are bittersweet like that~

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