Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Bit of the Weekend

 The snow is gone, it's 70 degrees so off to the park to play~ I am slowly recovering but walking makes me feel so much better.  Soon enough I will be back on the mountain~
 We ran into some friends we have not seen in a year and that was fun!
 He loves the park~

 This kid can climb~

 He does this "flip to the belly maneuver" on the big slide~

 Ahh summer, you are almost here~ Love those bare feet kicking in the breeze~

Willow started a crafting frenzy of making these emoji pillows.  They turned out so cute!

 We went to his buddies carnival birthday party while Willow enjoyed having her best friend over for the evening. They apparently had a blast on the slip in slide because my entire new bottle of organic dish soap was practically empty...
 Bouncing fun~



 Sharing food~

  Checking out the pullets~ He loves chickens~

 I adore these women!

Sunday started with an early rising toddler...most days that is never good around here since we are not morning people! We watched an early morning show about the ocean and that made Rowan want to go to the Aquarium so off we went~

 I usually avoid places like this on the weekends but he was so excited to see the animals...luckily it wasn't too crowded~
 Parrot wanted to look in the tunnel too~

 We watched a movie while we were was an interactive 3D movie with water and air spraying at you and vibrating seats.  It totally freaked him out so he watched from my lap most of the time.  But these faces...

Yep, that is his personality right there!

We have a great life~

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