Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vegas: Day 3

Day 3: Breakfast Buffet! Four happy guys~
Not only does he enjoy eating this new found "food" but he likes painting with it too...
 On our way to enjoy the day~
 Off to see The White Tiger and Dolphin Habitat...

 Riding the tram...

 Brother love...

 The Daves...

 Willow by the chocolate fountain...

 Back through the Bellagio...

 Beautiful celling...

 Such a beautiful day!


 Running free!

Dolphin Jello catch!

 They are so, so cute!


 More Gelato...this time with coffee at The Venetian~

 One sleepy little man...
 Strong Dad~
 Tired Dad~
 Meeting up for dinner at The Shake Shack...

 tickle monster!
 Willow doesn't eat red meat so she had her beloved pizza!
Playing games outside the hotel before The Blue Man Group!

 Rowan would not take his eyes off of him!
They are a little creepy!
Ha ha so much fun!

Sweet little friends holding hands and sharing candy~
Then it was time for us adults to play.  Willow stayed with the boys for a few hours while we had a night of play and drinks.  It was so fun! David won $40...which was good because I lost $20.  It was all in fun~

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