Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gardner Village

We headed to Gardner Village today to visit the farm animals. We had a yummy lunch at Archibalds first...
And then wandered to the petting zoo...
Rowan was a little freaked out by the chickens...I think the goose attack at Wheeler Farm has made him wary of fowl on the ground!

Sweet horses...
Soft bunnies...

Pony rides!

So adorable!

They loved it!

Rowan actually got to trot and he thought it was so much fun!

Baby cows~
Smelly pigs~
But oh my! The baby Llama was the cutest ever!
He was actually willing to feed him with the bad a feed.

Then Rowan and I wandered the adorable shops~
Such serious thought~
And then goofy laughter~

Peeking at the goose hanging out by the water~

Hunting for fairies~
So many fairies! And oh how we love fairies.  So magical~
Of course he had to have a magic dragon!
I want all of these fairy homes in my backyard! I so miss the days of my kids building homes for the fairies...especially the time that Mara picked all of our neighbors tulips to make a giant fairy house in the backyard...I had some very angry neighbors that day. Don't worry we made it up to them
Rowan loves fairies and gnomes just as much...I see a lot of fairy homes in our future! I wonder if he will leave them tiny food like my older 4 used to? The fairies always left a thank you treat!

So incredibly adorable!


Another magical day exploring!

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