Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, February 28, 2015


 This girl is 12!! How did that happen?
 She was the sweetest baby~
 I miss my little family~ They grow up way too fast!



 Yep, it was mostly a Walking Dead Birthday~

 On our way out for the day the last gift arrived!

 We headed to the back for her Birthday $2 bill, then off to the mall for a day of shopping! Then we went to see The Duff at the movies and met up with most of the family for dinner!

 Yes, we embarrassed her...The made her sit on the saddle and everyone yelled "YeHaw!"
 Then Rowan had a turn...

 Home with all of her loot! Time to pack for Vegas!
 Happy Birthday Dear Willow~ We love you so much~

Friday, February 27, 2015


 Two cute kids enjoying Kefir/Orange/Strawberry popsicles on a lovely February day...

 So much fun~


 Sometimes he requests things that I wonder where he got the idea...
 Like a rocketship banana? It had to have strawberry fire!
 He approved!
I love this little man~

Birthday Best Friend Style

 Celebrating 12 with her best friend, Ruby!
 Willow's favorite lunch spot...Sweet Tomatoes. 
 He had a lot of sampling to do. He thought Jello was amazing (I am not sure he has ever eaten it before)

Then off to the Mall for the girls to shop and for Rowan to play!

 He was making a pose! He loves riding the train around the Mall.

 They were very happy with their finds...

 Showing their new shirts...

 Movie and pizza night...

 Showing me all of their new treasures...

 They are so cute!

 Apparently the screams from Hot Topic when Willow saw these bags could have been heard throughout the mall!

 A Daryl Dixon cake...

 Making a wish...

 Opening 1 present from Mom and Dad...

 Oh the joy!

 We played a few rounds...David won!
 A great celebration...more to come!

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