Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

 Stockings were filled and Santa and his reindeer stopped by and had their snacks~
 The loot was placed under the tree, being carefully watched over by Maggie Greene (The Walking Dead).  And yes, there is a live Chinchilla secretly hidden under that blanket.  Couldn't wrap the cage because the night before he slept in my room and pulled everything that was close the bars inside with him! He is WILD at night, he jumps and climbs and runs.  So very cute~
 Break of dawn mandatory pre unwrapping photo~

 Let the games begin~

 There were quite a few surprises~

 D and D of course~


 And then she realized there was actually a chinchilla in the cage.  You see, she already knew that she was getting the cage (thanks to Amazon delivering it in its box and not a plain brown box) but she had no idea that her gift would be inside.  She thought we were going to get him tomorrow~
 Tears, screams, jumping~

 She ran to wash her hands and change her shirt since she had been loving on Ambrose the rat that morning and he may or may not be sick and he may or may not spread it so just to be safe~
 In the meantime, it was a Star Wars, Batman Lego Octonauts Christmas for Rowan~
 So much excitement~
 She is so in love~

 Josh is going for a new look~
 More surprises~

 Aspen got a big Merry Christmas and Happy Graduation gift from us this year! He is officially done and will walk in the Spring~
 Remember that Christmas when the bag of Timothy Hay went everywhere?
In awe of his Light Saber~

 He sure loves the Octonauts~

 Loot Crate~

 She couldn't put him down~
 I kept telling him that he was going to make a little girl quite happy on Christmas morning and he did just that~
 Then the furbabies got their stockings~
 Maggie loves Christmas~
 And Mom and Dad opened their stuff~

 Juniper says "give me that bone!"~
 Games to play~
 Josh helped put together the bricks.  He has fond memories of these from his childhood~
 Dad made homemade biscuits with apple jam and turkey sausage for brunch~
 The Dogs enjoyed their treats~
 More batman Legos to build.  Thanks Santa! ~
 Merry Christmas Ozzy.  Welcome to the family~
 Asha loved her treat too~

Lot's of playing going on here today~

As we were falling asleep last night I said to Rowan that he will have visions of sugarplums dancing in his head and he said "no, I will have m&m's dancing in my head" So happy Santa remembered that he loves peanut m&m's! ~

Then we became the Napping house.  I was out for hours and Rowan crashed too~


 Relaxation with a little Battlefront~
As soon as one boy woke up, another took his place~

And we did have a white Christmas!

Hope your Christmas day was wonderful~

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