Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, December 26, 2014

Rowan's Sweater

 I finished the sweater!
 He loves it.
 When I showed it to him his jaw dropped and he exclaimed "mommy it's humongous!"
 He is so proud.

 Such a silly man.

 3 months of knitting here and there, ripped it apart 5 times, then I let go of perfection and finally 2 days sitting by a lovely fire knitting away watching movies finished it!
 I made the 4 yr old size so he could wear it for a while and I am glad that I did.
Now to knit the army of dinosaurs to go with it!

Merry Christmas!

Santa came and he brought snow!
Just a little dusting early this morning but it has been falling all day! Yay for a White Christmas!!
 To early for my little man (and me!) We will be napping later for sure.
 The unwrapping begins...

 It's a Walking Dead Christmas for Willow!

I made Josh a hearthstone and Garrison stone pillows.  He didn't know what they were at first! He is always stealing the couch throw pillows so I thought he needed a couple of his own for movies and game play.

 Daryl Dixon stand up...

 New gaming seating!
 Rowan had a Dragon/Dinosaur/Lego Christmas!

 And Willow got her "High up big bed" that she has been longing for forever! Her room just got a lot smaller :) She was so happy she cried.

 Maggie and Juniper know what Christmas is...Last night as I was putting out the gifts Maggie was giddy...I kept telling her she was snooping! Silly dogs.
 They loved their treats!

Mara came!

 My 3 beautiful girls...
 Snow dog...
 I think it is official...We have been taken over by Legos again!
 Of course the only way to play is pantless!
 He loves his new balance bike!

 Thank goodness for Big Brothers that like to build!
 So excited for the snow!

 He and Maggie both!

 He cleared the deck but the snow kept coming...we had about 4 inches in the end...more is coming~
It was a lovely Christmas~

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