Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, October 6, 2014

Vernal Utah

 Vernal is known as Utah's Dinosaur Land. Rowan is seriously into dino's right now and Willow is finding it interesting so we decided to take the weekend and go explore. Aspen came along too and it was a great trip! The last time we were here Willow was a baby!
First stop was the Field House Museum.
The Diplodocus was enormous!

Digging for skelebones :)


 So many fossils!

We are huge Jurassic Park fans around here.  This was a cool little fact.
 Coral fossils...
 Growling like a Utah raptor!

 Willow loves the wooly mammoth.


 Moschops...I don't think it really looked like this...but I could be wrong?
 Family shots!

 Then we were off to the Quarry at Dinosaur National Monument...
 Crazy shot!
 The wall of dinosaur bones is amazing...and sad.

 A diplodocus thigh bone...

 Off to see the Petroglyphs...

 After we did the Utah side...we drove over to Colorado to check out the Canyons. We had never been there before.
 Incredible views!

 Prickly pear cactus...

 Prong horn Antelope....

And this the road
On to another overlook and some tree climbing...

So beautiful!



 After nearly killing a wild turkey/pheasant and slamming on the brakes causing everything to go flying forward in the car and then driving back up the canyon in search of a toy t-rex that we thought we threw in the trash on accident but actually had become lodged under the driver seat we headed back to Vernal for dinner. It was an adventure.
Dinner at Vernal Brewpub and then back to the hotel for swimming!
It was a great day!

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